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Is there a way for me to purchase the delux content by itself?

I just recently started playing tiny epic galaxies and loved it so i purchased 6 other tiny epic games from amazon not knowing about delux content till now. I just kickstarted tiny epic mechs so i wouldnt make the same mistake. Can i purchase just the delux content for a few of these games i own? I currently own: Tiny epic galaxies + into the black expansion Tiny epic defenders + dark war expansion Tiny epic zombies Tiny epic quest.

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I contacted them trying to purchase the Deluxe content for T.E. Zombies, but I was told that they do not sell the deluxe content separately. They suggested I check Board Game Geek marketplace, but for TEZ, someone was selling just the deluxe content for $25 (shake fist at phone...) luckily I got someone to buy my standard copy and I just ended up purchasing deluxe edition from website.

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