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Tiny Epic Dungeon

Greetings! I love the diversity of themes a d mechanics, so I own all Tiny Epics (of course). There’s one theme I miss and which could fit perfectly in this little universe: a Dungeon Drawler! So, my suggestion is: Tiny Epic Dungeon, your portable version of HeroQuest. ;-) Cheers

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This is a phenomenal idea. 

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Yes it will be so cool

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Great idea.

Fab idea!
I was thinking exactly the same thing. They could make a stand alone starter box. And all other expansions could be different regions from the same world with their own encounters, region specific reversable tiles, items, xtra characters, quests and bosses But most importantly the ability to have your character to be able to grow in stats and not have to start over once u put the game away. And as your character grows you could just add more bosses or monsters to balance the difficulty out. Thats my thoughts lol hope to see it come to life
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