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German Version

I got my game but not a single piece is in german language? What happens? At the plague manager I payed for it! Did I got anything wrong? Greets Michael

The German language packs is a digital download only. It is available to all purchasers via the PledgeManager which can be logged in here.

Darren Werner 

Professional Services

Wow are you serious? Is this true i payed for the german rules in a text form without pictures? Wow this is really rude and unprofessional. And in the campaign it was not written from only a digital download and this for 16$!!!!!!!!!! I will back my money please.

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That’s true. It’s really irritating.. Language Version means raw text via google translate! The game itself is so good, but the quality of Translation is disappointing!

Hello Everyone.

I would like to jump in here and first say we apologize if these translations are not up to your expectations. Garnering this has proven to be challenging, due to the amount of text and some lack of expertise on our part.

We understand it may not be sufficient for some players, without the graphical enhancement. Since this is the case we would be happy to offer anyone a total refund for the file.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding of Gamelyn Games.

Nathan Hatfield

Chief Sales Officer

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